Mission satement


在地段選擇上,以交通便利、不淹水、機能完善為優先考量。 設計則以貼心、考量全家生活動線、生活機能、採光、通風及空間合理為首要。 至於施工,更是不能馬虎,從地質探勘、採用最適合的基礎,注意結構安全,使用無毒建材,讓全家住得安全安心。 最後是價格公道,讓購屋大眾買得起,用最輕鬆的價格,就能住進最好的住宅,是太子集團控股有限公司的最大信念。

The building is a timeless art, house is a very important asset for people. Former British Prime Minister Winston Churchill said: "We shape our buildings, and afterwards our buildings shape us." A good house can affect the living quality of a family, physical and mental growth, therefore, people and residential house are inseparable.
Prince Group Holding Ltd. construction philsophy is choosing the best location, best design, best construction with a fair price. The location is primary depending on easy access to public transportations/shops and no flooding. The design has great lighting, ventilation, and reasonable space. During the construction, it was carefully inspected with non-toxic material for a safe housing. Prince Group Holding Ltd. hopes that everyone can pay an affordable price to live in the best house.

Core Values


經營腳踏實地 工作精益求精
Operate in a down-to-earth manner.
Work to strive for Excellency.

注重商業道德 講究職業良心
Respect business ethics.
Value professional conscience.

堅守三大保證 確保客戶權益
Keep the three pormises.
Ensure the rights of our clients.

Three Promises


Deliver perpetual services

Construct as planned

Clear property rights