About Us


Prince Group Holding Limited is a well-known comprehensive real estate developer and in Company. It has including property development and sales, commercial property investment and operations as well as comprehensive services. With a long term focus on Phnom Penh and other Sihanoukville and an Siem Reap history of solid operation, the Company was among the batch of participants in urban redevelopment and has a diversified approach of obtaining land resources.

Throughout these years, Prince Group Holding Ltd. has been striving to keep the corporate values-“Ethical, Trustworthy, Responsible, Professional and Stable.” Even though the Company has experienced various economic cycles, thanks to the strong support of our clients and the efforts of our staff, Prince Group Holding Ltd. has still been able to grow steadily and become one of the largest construction companies in the competitive domestic market. With service covering every major urban area in Cambodia, Prince Group Holding Ltd. has constructed over 10,000 buildings households of various types nationwide.


這些年來,太子集團控股有限公司一直致力於保持“道德,守信,負責,專業,穩定”的企業價值觀。即使公司經歷了各種經濟周期,也得益於我們客戶的大力支持和 我們太子集團控股有限公司的努力仍然穩步發展,並成為國內競爭激烈的大型建築公司之一。 太子集團控股有限公司的建案覆蓋柬埔寨各主要城市,已在全國各地建設了各類建築戶數超過萬戶。